Hello, my name is Megan and I'm a print designer and illustrator.

I work from my home studio in Perth, WA.

As you can probably tell by now, I'm fairly obsessed with drawing plants, flowers and all things botanical. 

I like to make botanical themed sketches that I can transform into colourful, decorative patterns for printing onto fabric and other surfaces.

All of the products you can find in my store feature prints of my original artwork.

My designs are renowned for their botanical motifs, bold pop colours and graphic linework.

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Whilst I am certainly influenced by the retro patterns of the 60's and 70's, I also incorporates today's trends in theme and colours to create a look that is relevant to modern day style. 

I design to create joy.

I strive to make prints that are decorative and fun. Life should be a celebration of colour, nature and all things beautiful! It is my greatest wish that my illustrations bring a smile to people's faces.

I love collaborations.

If you are looking for a designer and think a custom illustrated print could take your products or project to the next level, then let me know! Just send an email to hello@meganisabella.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Isabella your middle name?

What training & experience do you have?

I have been working in the industry as a graphic designer (both corporate and freelance) for over 6 years. 

I studied a B/A Communications & Cultural Studies degree at Curtin University before switching to Central Institute of Technology where I completed an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design in 2010. 

How do you put your drawings onto fabric and surfaces?

I scan my sketches and drawings into the computer, where I then use a combination of creative software and a Wacom tablet (digital ink pad) to re-draw and colour the illustrations.

In a digital space, I have the flexibility to manipulate the motifs into desired patterns and have control over colour and scale. 

In preparing artwork for printing, it is important to be able to easily edit artwork in case you need to match colours, or you want to change the size or layout of a pattern.

I can produce custom illustrations for your brand. Depending on your project, I can offer solutions including a collaboration line of products, commissioned designs and artwork licenses. If you want to know more, please get in touch.

Yes. I thought it was too pretty to be forgotten, so I kept it.

What services do you offer?

Image: Caitlin Guise

© Megan Isabella Design 2016

© Megan Isabella Design 2015

Do you sew your products too?

Occassionally I will sew a handmade limited edition product, such as the iPad clutch. I mostly stick to designing prints and leave the rest in the capable hands of an expert.

Need more info? 


Tell me a little bit about your project and I will send you an info pack. 

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